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Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit by LimoStudio, LMS103 publisher: LimoStudio
EAN: 0616469522535
price: $49.69 (new)
[2 x] 33" Photography Studio Translucent Shoot Through White Photo Video Umbrella • Made of High Quality Nylon Construction • Works well to diffuse the light from any Flash/Strobe Light and Constant Light • Premium Snow White translucent Reflector (33" Wide) • Reflect and Spread light stream evenly • Eliminate glare and spots [3 x] Single Head Photo Lighting Fluorescent Light Holder • On/Off Switch • Compatible with 45W Photo Bulb* (Attention) Please do NOT install a bulb with higher wattage than 45 • Lamp base E26/E27 x1 • Code & Plug included (9 ft.) [2 x] 86" Tall Studio Quality High Output Umbrella Flash Strobe Light Stand • Material: Premium Aluminum Alloy Construction • Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages • Light Weight: Easy to Move • Industrial Standard Mounting Stud [3 x] Digital Full Spectrum Light Bulb - 45W Photo CFL 6500K, Daylight Balanced • Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Spiral Bulb - Saves energy up to 80% • Regular Screw Base • Color Temperature: 6500K • Watts: 45W - Equals to 200W Regular Incandescent Light Bulb Output • Style: Spiral • Lamp Tone: Day Light • Overall Diameter: 2.3" • Overall Length: 7.1" [1 x] 28" Tall Studio Quality High Output Accent Light Table Top Light Stand • Material: Premium Aluminum Alloy Construction • Safety 3 Legs Stages • Locking System for Light Safety [1 x] Convenient Umbrella Carry Case [1 x] Bulb carry bag • Premium Quality Nylon MaterialPhoto Umbrella Light Photography Studio Light Photography Continuous Light

Etekcity 24" (60cm) 5-in-1 Portable Collapsible Multi-Disc Photography Light Photo Reflector for Studio/Outdoor Lighting with Bag - Translucent, Silver, Gold, White and Black publisher: Etekcity
EAN: 0025706347372
price: $11.99 (new), $11.20 (used)
Descriptions This reflector comes with five different reflective surfaces for all of your lighting needs. It is black, white, gold, silver and translucent surfaces you can always get the effect you like. They are the most popular reflector in photograph and has necessary for studio or outdoor photography. Specifications: It packs into a zip packet. Folds into 10" carry pouch for you to easy carry Shape: Roun Size : 24" (60cm) Surfaces: Gold, Silver, White, Black and Translucent Package Included: 1 x Disc Reflector 1 x Zipped round carrying bag

Emart 600W Photography Photo Video Portrait Studio Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit publisher: Emartinc
EAN: 0701413499565
price: $52.89 (new)
Photography Continuous Studio Lighting

Creating great images requires good quality lighting, so you need the right equipment.
This professional shooting set is quite suitable for photographers of all levels of experience.


(2)x Translucent umbrellas & Black/Silver reflector umbrellas
Size: 33"
Made of premium quality nylon construction
Soften and spreads light stream evenly
Contrast and increased highlights
Eliminate glare and spots

(3)x 45W Energy Saving Lamps
Power: 45W
Color temperature: 5500K
Link mode: E26
Voltage: 110V
Lifetime: >8000h
Energy saving compact fluorescent spiral bulb - save energy up to 80%

(3)x Lamp Holders
Made of high impact plastic and aluminum
On/off switch
Lamp base:E27/E26
Cord & Plug included(9.2 feet)
Adjustable angle to control your light

(2)x 83 inch Light Stand
Aluminum alloy construction
Sections: 3
Max height: 83"
Min height: 33"
Folded height: 28"
Diameter of legs: Φ0.63"
Net weight: 2.20 lbs

(1)x 33 inch Light Stand
Aluminum alloy construction
Sections: 2
Max height: 33"
Min height: 16"
Folded height: 12"
Diameter of legs: Φ0.63"
Net weight: 0.77 lbs

(1)x Heavy Duty Carry Case & Bulb Carry Bag
Made of premium quality nylon
Great for transporting photography lighting kit

Chromo Inc CI55000230 Macro Ring 48 LED Power Light for Canon, Sony, Nikon, Sigma Lenses publisher: Chromo
EAN: 0852661659222
price: $29.98 (new)
This Chromo Inc® Macro LED Ring light is perfect for Macro Close Up Photography.
This LED Macro Ring Light, a device designed specifically for close shots, can constantly emit light and provide permanent lighting for subjects.
The LED lamp mode controller has three settings:
All Light
Half Left Light
Half Right Light
The power mode controller; You can choose two different power input modes to offer you continuous light:
2 AA batteries, which is convenient for outdoor shooting.
or AC adapter input (Power sources not included).
Also includes 6 different thread adapter rings (49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm or 67mm) to fit a wide range of lens models on the market.

Chromo Inc® Macro 48 LED Ring Light Package Includes:
1x Macro Ring Light with 48 LEDs
1x Power Unit w/Hot Shoe Attachment. (Attachment only, not usable as Camera Link.)
1x 67mm Lens Adapter
1x 62mm Lens Adapter
1x 58mm Lens Adapter
1x 55mm Lens Adapter
1x 52mm Lens Adapter
1x 49mm Lens Adapter

Chromo Inc® is a registered U.S. Trademark

Julius Studio Photo Video Studio 10 ft. Wide Cross Bar 7.4 ft. Tall Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit with Carry Bag, Photography Studio, JSAG283 publisher: Julius Studio
EAN: 0757764151843
price: $36.99 (new), $34.22 (used)
Julius Photo Studio Background Support Kit

Julius Studio's background muslin support kit features easy & quick
installation, portability, and whole photo studio package. Its premium
quality will bring professional and amateur photographers good
flexibilities & capabilities around the photo studio environment.

Cross Bar / 2pcs
- Adjustable Width with Maximum of 10.3 ft.
- Self Interlocking System
- Assembles & Disassembles Quickly

Support Stand / 2pcs
- Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
- Height Adjustable: Max 7.5 ft.
- Quick Single Action Lock
- Fast & Precision Height Adjustment

Photo Support Clamp / 3pcs
- Material Synthetic Nylon
- Light Weight and Strong Pinch

Sand Bag / 2pcs
- Net Weight: 9oz
- Holds 18lbs
- 9 x 17 Inch Dimension
- Durable Nylon Material

Carry Bag / 1pc
- Premium Quality Fabric Material
- Contains all Components

* Backdrop Muslin NOT Included!

Neewer 43-inch / 110cm 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector with Bag - Translucent, Silver, Gold, White and Black publisher: Neewer
EAN: 0701413499497
price: $19.94 (new)
This Neewer 43-inch 110cm 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector with Bag Silver Gold White & Black.
Comes with silver, gold, black, white and translucent reflectors.
These are the most popular reflectors in photograph.

Silver - for contrast and increase highlights
Gold - achieve warm glowing skin tones
Black - block out unwanted light
White - produce neutral color temperature
Translucent - for softer look without shadow A Must For Studio Or Outdoor Photography!

Durable and flexible steel spring frame insures easy spreading and closing.
It also folds into a easy to carry pouch for added convenience.
Package includes:

5 x 110 cm / 43-inch, collapsible disc reflectors
1 x black round portable carrying bag


Shape: Round
Size open: 43 inches (110 cm)
Size collapsed: 15 inches (35 cm) round
Fits any standard reflector holder
Product Dimensions: 16.2 x 1.6 x 15.4 inches
Product Weight: 1.5 pounds

Shipping Weight: 1.7 pounds

The silver side is very reflective and brightens both shadows and highlights but does not change the color of the available light.
The gold side side works basically the same way while adding a warmer color to the image.
The white side brightens up the shadows to produce a softer light. It is not as bright as the silver side so you can get closer to your subject.
The black side just the opposite and is used to subtract light and create shadows in certain areas.
Using Diffusers:

In the middle of the frame is a translucent material which is used as a diffuser.
This side is usually held directly above the subject to soften the sun’s natural light. 
It will always go between the light source and the subject.

Sweet As Photos - Plastic Double-Sided Photography Quick Reference Cards / Cheat Sheets publisher: Sweet As Photos
EAN: 0613617441113
sales rank: 3217
price: $21.95 (new)
It is almost impossible to remember everything at the start of your photography journey and difficult to lug those heavy textbooks around, for scroll through the pages of text. That's where Sweet As Photography Reference Cards come in. Designed and written by an experienced Photographer who has completed numerous courses in different scenarios (face to face, online, textbooks and webinars) these cards cover the most important elements of photography and are designed to clip to your bag and take with you, anywhere and anytime. When I started out in photography I would have loved something like this to jog my memory while out and about. So I created my own cheat sheets on pieces of cardboard. These durable, concise and easy to read cards are suitable for all photographers. As with most things in photography there is usually more than one way to do something but these cards show you the way I do it which has proven to be successful for me. Professional printed on plastic so they not only look great but they can withstand the weather and general wear and tear while being attached to your photography bag. These cards are designed based on the art of photography and not based on a type of camera such as Canon or Nikon so they should be suitable for all photographers. Features Professionally printed on flexible plastic so they can stand all weather and general wear and tear 22 double sided colour cards Held together by a split ring and clip to secure to your bag or belt Topics Covered Before and after shooting checklists Camera modes Exposure ISO Shutter speed Aperture White balance BULB - long exposure Lens Sunny 16 Rule Understanding histograms Composition Glossary Step-By-Steps - steps to achieving some awesome techniques such as light painting and panning. ****These cards are are designed to be portable and are the same size as a credit card****** May not be suitable for those who are unable to read smaller font sizes up close****

Photography Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit,Muslin Backdrop Kit(White Black), Backdrop Clips Clamp,10ft Photo Background Photography Stand System for Photo Video Studio Shooting publisher: HYJ-INC
EAN: 0715776733570
price: $85.89 (new)

Product Description

1*Photography backdrop stand support system
Professional lightweight light stand and crossbar, adjust the height ( 2.6ft to 7ft), adjust the width of crossbar (5ft to 10ft).

2*86" Light stands
Aluminum alloy construction
Sections: 3
Max height: 86"(218cm)
Min height: 33" (84cm)
Folded height: 28 "(72cm) 
Diameter of legs: Φ0.63" (Φ16mm)
Net weight: 2.20 lbs (1kg)

2*45W Energy saving lamps
Power: 45W
Color temperature: 5500K
Link mode: E27
Voltage: 110V
Lifetime: >8000h
ROHS and CE Certificate.

2 x Black Reflector Umbrella
2 x Translucent Umbrella
Size: 33 " (84cm)

2* Muslin Backdrop White/Black
Size: 6.5 x 10 ft

4* Background Multifunctional Clips Holder
Helps Securely Tighten Background Simply attach the screen to the clips at even intervals to keep the screen tight and wrinkle free.

Package Includes:
(1) x Photography backdrop stand support system
2 x 45W Energy saving lamps
2 x Light stands (86"/218cm height)
2 x Lamp Holders
2x Black Reflector Umbrella
2 x White Translucent Umbrella
(2) x 6.5 x 10 ft. Muslin Backdrop White/Black
1 x Kit carry bag
4 x Background Multifunctional Clips Holder

4 PC Newborn Photo Props, Baby Photography Basket Filler Wheat Donut Posing Props Baby Pillow publisher: M&G House
EAN: 6465488835171
sales rank: 2873
price: $22.49 (new)

Note:In order to take pictures effect, we use a relatively hard material fabric.You need put a wrap or blanket on the pillow, can not directly put the baby on the pillow.

For the reason of transport,maybe the pillows seems to be a little plicated and flat.
DON'T WORRY,IT IS NOT BROKEN,Just need few mins get back into shape.
Take them out and emphatically pat them everywhere like the picture.A few mins later , they will get plump appearances.


Filling:Stretch cotton;
Size: 40*30*25cm/15.7*11.8"*9.8";
Suitable for 0-4 months baby;
100% Handmade by Soft & Comfortable Cotton Hemp;
Unisex Design Makes It Suitable for Both Baby Girl and Baby Boy.

Package Inlcude:
1 * Wheat Donut + 3 *Posing Props Baby Pillows (Not include the basket);

Notice:Color same as picture but pls note the actual colors may slightly vary from the pictures due to the different monitor settings and light environment when photos were shot

Selens 5-in-1 43 Inch (110cm) Portable Handle Round Reflector Collapsible Multi Disc with Carrying Case for Photography Photo Studio Lighting & Outdoor Lighting publisher: Selens
EAN: 6923600412681
price: $19.94 (new)
5in1 43in (110cm) Portable Photo Studio Reflector

-Unfold Size: 43x43 inch
-Fold Size: 15x15 inch


The Selens 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector is versatile in the field and in the studio, providing shadow-lightening detail in your subject, using available, or studio lighting. It starts out as a translucent white disc -- perfect for softening direct sun, or lights without diffusion. Use the removable, reversible zippered slipcover to reflect light into shadow areas of your subject. Your choice of color -- silver, gold, white, black -- will be determined by the lighting conditions, and your personal preference.

Bounce flash photography is not limited to indoor locations. Various lightweight portable reflectors are available for use outdoors. These attach to the Speedlite, or to a bracket, and provide soft, diffuse illumination in any location. These portable reflectors can also be used in large rooms where the ceiling and walls are too far away to be effective, or are painted with strong hues that would add a colour cast to the image.

This Reflector is suitable for head-shots, and small still-life setups. It folds down to 1/3 its open size, and comes with a storage sleeve. We suggest the purchase of a pivoting arm and stand, to hold the disc where needed -- especially if you are working without an assistant.

Package Including

1 * Translucent Panel
1 * White&Black & Silver&Gold Cover
1 * Case

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