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Book Lot 50 Comics Good Condition! (various distributors) by: Not Sure
publisher: Marvel, published: 1994
ASIN: B002095J4G
EAN: 0759606042043
sales rank: 17432
price: $20.99 (new), $21.99 (used)
NM / MT 50 COMICS INDIVIDUALLY BAGGED + BOARDED from HUGE LOT SUPERMAN / BATMAN / X-MEN / ETC. Look great as they were new (never read) when they were bagged and boarded. All comics are different, no duplicates.

Infinity Gauntlet by: Jim Starlin
publisher: Marvel, published: 2011-09-28
ASIN: 0785156593
EAN: 9780785156598
sales rank: 3668
price: $11.99 (new), $7.98 (used)
It's the Avengers, the New Warriors, the X-Men and more against the omnipotent Eternal, Thanos! The Mad Titan has become the most powerful being in the universe, and enslavement or destruction may be the only choices he gives it! The successive Starlin sagas that shook space and time start here!

DC Comics Encyclopedia All-New Edition by: Matthew K. Manning
publisher: DK, published: 2016-10-25
ASIN: 1465453571
EAN: 9781465453570
sales rank: 5326
price: $27.19 (new), $14.15 (used)

Revamped, redesigned, and fully updated to include the New 52 and Rebirth storylines, this is the definitive and indispensable guide to the characters and worlds of the DC Comics Universe.

Created in full collaboration with DC Comics, this comprehensive reference book has The Washington Post saying, "The DC Comics Encyclopedia is a must." Formatted in an easy-to use A-to-Z layout, this guide is packed with information and thrilling comic book art and features more than 1,100 characters including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, and much more.

The DC Comics Encyclopedia All-New Edition brings everything up to date, providing an accessible, compelling, and lavishly illustrated guide to the dynamics of the DC Comics Universe.

All DC characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics. (s17)

Free Comic Book Day 2018: Amazing Spider-Man/Guardians Of The Galaxy #1 by: Nick Spencer
publisher: Marvel, published: 2018-05-05
New creative teams. New series. New directions. New beginnings. Fans will be able to read the first Amazing Spider-Man story from Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley in this very issue!

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way by: Stan Lee
publisher: Touchstone, published: 1984-09-14
ASIN: 0671530771
EAN: 9780671530778
sales rank: 3305
price: $10.54 (new), $2.95 (used)
One of the first and still one of the best, Stan Lee’s How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way has been the primary resource for any and all who want to master the art of illustrating comic books and graphic novels.

Stan Lee, the Mighty Man from Marvel, and John Buscema, active and adventuresome artist behind the Silver Surfer, Conan the Barbarian, the Mighty Thor and Spider-Man, have collaborated on this comics compendium: an encyclopedia of information for creating your own superhero comic strips. Using artwork from Marvel comics as primary examples, Buscema graphically illustrates the hitherto mysterious methods of comic art. Stan Lee’s pithy prose gives able assistance and advice to the apprentice artist. Bursting with Buscema’s magnificent illustrations and Lee’s laudable word-magic, How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way belongs in the library of everyone who has ever wanted to illustrate his or her own comic strip.

Marvel Encyclopedia by: Matt Forbeck
publisher: DK, published: 2014-03-17
ASIN: 1465415939
EAN: 9781465415936
sales rank: 1637
price: $22.87 (new), $16.96 (used)

Bring the Marvel Universe home with this all-inclusive encyclopedia detailing little-known facts and information about more than 1,200 iconic Marvel characters.

Created in full collaboration with Marvel Comics, the Marvel Encyclopedia features new entries on the latest characters and teams, updated facts on existing ones including their latest looks and story lines, and expanded entries on major superheroes such as Spider-Man, Thor, and The Avengers. Special double-page features have also been added highlighting recent major crossover events in the Marvel Universe, such as Fear Itself, and the Marvel Now series.

The book is packed with comic book imagery and organized in an easy-to-find A-Z style. says, "This coffee table volume is incredibly beautiful and presented in ways that online searching can't quite match."

The Marvel Encyclopedia is an essential book for new fans and for anyone who grew up loving the excitement, heroism, and humor if the Marvel Universe.

© 2016 MARVEL

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by: Scott McCloud
publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks, published: 1994-04-27
ASIN: 006097625X
EAN: 9780060976255
sales rank: 4194
price: $12.98 (new), $5.62 (used)

The bestselling international classic on storytelling and visual communication

"You must read this book."  Neil Gaiman

Praised throughout the cartoon industry by such luminaries as Art Spiegelman, Matt Groening, and Will Eisner, Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics is a seminal examination of comics art: its rich history, surprising technical components, and major cultural significance. Explore the secret world between the panels, through the lines, and within the hidden symbols of a powerful but misunderstood art form.

Marvel DC Various Collector Starter Set Comic Books, Pack of 25 publisher: Marvel DC Various
EAN: 0878399003885
sales rank: 18514
price: $6.49 (new)
You will receive a mix of 25 comic books from the last 30 years. You will receive a nice mix of comic books from many different publishers featuring a wide variety of characters.

Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Volume 48 by: Robert M. Overstreet
publisher: Gemstone Publishing, published: 2018-07-31
ASIN: 1603602216
EAN: 9781603602211
sales rank: 5334
price: $19.33 (new), $19.99 (used)
Leading off the 48th edition of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, former DC Comics President and Publisher Paul Levitz highlights the legacy of Action Comics #1 on its 80th anniversary. The spotlight also is turned on 50th anniversary of Marvel’s fateful 1968 expansion and the 50th anniversary of Planet of the Apes and the comics that followed the original feature film. Add in all the updated prices, current market reports, new additions to the Overstreet Hall of Fame and a selection of key character anniversaries and you have a solid reminder of why the Guide has been the Bible of comic book collectors and dealers since 1970! Premiere DC artist Ethan Van Sciver provides the Flash/Green Lantern cover.

Blank Comic Book For Kids : Create Your Own Comics With This Comic Book Journal Notebook: Over 100 Pages Large Big 8.5" x 11" Cartoon / Comic Book With Lots of Templates (Blank Comic Books) (Volume 7) by: Blank Books 'N' Journals
publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, published: 2016-10-20
ASIN: 1539660419
EAN: 9781539660415
sales rank: 1934
price: $6.06 (new), $1.50 (used)
Kids love making their own cartoons and comics and this Blank Comic Book for Kids is the book you need. Filled with comic book templates of various styles, with over 100 pages, this book will keep budding artists busy for hours. This is a big comic book, 8.5" x 11" so lots of room for them to immerse themselves in their own creativity. It is the perfect gift for the holidays as kids will have the time to sit down and draw. Order your blank comic book for kids today and let them create their own comics. Click to buy now.

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